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Why should I subscribe?

Subscribe to access exclusive ISMD membership benefits, and to play a role in supporting maladaptive daydreamers all around the world. Your participation will take us a step closer to our goals and help fund projects that will benefit the MD community. 

Your voice matters to us! That’s why we encourage all our members to join us at our annual assembly to make your voice heard and help determine what will be best for our community moving forward. This is the perfect opportunity to advocate for causes and projects that you believe are necessary to improve the lives of those experiencing maladaptive daydreaming.


How do I subscribe?

Subscription requires 2 steps: registering to the website and paying the membership fee. You can do both HERE

If you have already subscribed but not paid, you can do it on our MEMBERSHIP FEE page.

Remember: the fee is valid throughout the 2024 and expires for everyone on the 31st December. This is because this isn’t a service, but a membership annual fee: it means that you have supported us with our 2024 activities.

Current Membership Benefits

  • Access to exclusive events
    • Live webinars
    • Live Q&As
  • Access to all past events (recorded)
  • Voting privileges to help make important decisions in:
    • ISMD leadership
    • Organizational direction
    • How funds are used
  • Annual digital ISMD Journal Magazine

As a new organization, we aim to offer additional benefits as we continue to grow. Join us to be a part of this journey and to explore our newest projects!


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